Have you ever wanted to go out of an evening and hear great music played with (ahem) skill, commitment, and loads of laughs thrown in? BFC are THE hard rockin' 5-piece band from Essex. We play the very best in Classic Rock, R & B, Blues and Pop classics from the last 5 decades.  Seeing is believing...

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21/3/15 - The Bell, Ingatestone


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George's Birthday 

A cracking night for our good friend George Clifton. Great venue, great people and a great Photo Booth for us all to go into and act silly...yes, dutch Alan and Stef, were looking at you!! 


Some of the posts and kind words about our weekend in Holland....same time next year everybody!

Wow - that was a great excursion again - superb job by the organising committee on both sides of the water. Voice and throat are shot from excessive drinking, smoking, singing along and general over-indulgence - and all the beer vouchers are gone! Big love to all the Macks, friends in Holland, BFC & guest singers/players, and all on the coach, for making the memories. Special wishes to Ray for a speedy recovery. When can we do it again????

Thank you BreakforCover for making it possible for us to have yet another fantastic Holland trip! Love you guys! xxx

Hi everyone ! Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to the band and all of the BFC family for making our weekend such a blast and giving me the chance to be part of the madness that is Break For Cover. Everybody made us feel so welcome.

All home safe and sound from another fantastic BFC weekend in Holland. Great fun spent with lovely friends and family. Well done to all the guest musicians and singers who joined us on stage and a special mention for our new drummer Adam who well and truly deserved his official band Tee shirt (cheers for that Dan) as he had so many songs to learn in such a short time. Finally a big cheers to Ray, Connie and all the Mack family - thank you for all your hard work and continued support in making this such a success year after year - we all send our love, thoughts and best wishes to you all xxx

A great weekend with great friends 

Thanks to everybody that came to our 3 gigs over the Easter weekend.
Our first stop was the HITS festival in aid of prostate cancer at the White Horse in Maldon on Saturday afternoon. A short 40 minute which was just as well as we were only running on 4 cylinders instead of the usual 5 for this one still great fun and a great fundraiser!

Later that evening it was off to the White Hart in Grays for a full cylinder performance in front of a very appreciative audience that made us feel very welcome.
Big thanks to The 'breaking strings Gang' for coming along. Great little cameo from GFD's Pete Skillett who whipped the crowd into shape in his own inimitable way!

Sunday was the 'big one' and one of our favourite gigs of the year at the Viper in Fryerning. A great crowd despite the weather gods having an 'off day'!

We started at 3.30pm and finished about 10.30pm (lets face it, we wouldn't want any other way!) Thanks to everyone that came along and made it another memorable beer fest! Special mention to Dutch Alan for doing his thing for us (the boy can sing as well!!) Adam 'the blue haired hippy!' King for a blistering set on the drums and,  completing the trio of drummers our very Stef got up for a few numbers and contributed some might fine backing vocals!

Big thanks to the Rock Dog once again some more superb vocals on Thin Lizzy and Cranberry songs and especially for making up some ad hoc lyrics during Vertigo!

We had a special guest performing early evening in the shape of Dan Broadhurst who played a great selection of new and old(ish) songs with just a voice and an acoustic guitar. A brilliant job that the crowd really liked too!

Finally, if you get a chance please sign the Vipers petition against the Environmental health agency claims that the music is too loud at the event. There is a danger the beer fest could be cancelled by them!
This is all inspired but one neighbour who obviously has no friends and don't want anyone else to have any either! So please support the Viper!

Different, but a great pair of gigs! 

Busy weekend over with two successful gigs completed. First was Saturday at The Bull in Braintree - quiet crowd 1st set then up and dancing 2nd set. Just home from tonight's packed out Swan gig in Brentwood. Firstly cheers for everyone who turned up and made it such a great night, 2nd, cheers to the Animal on drums - Paul Hollands - aka Dutch Al for a master class in drumming and finally the hero of the weekend award goes to Terry Wyatt who with only a couple of hours notice stepped in to help us out on Bass covering for our dear old Dave. Thrown in at the deep end and not helped by us just shouting out any song we could think of Terry just said yes to every number. Your a star and it was a real pleasure to play along side you.


As usual a fantastic trip over to see our dutch friends in Sluiskil. Below are some of the words that people have been saying.
Angel Rochelle Bailey Thank you Holland for another amazing weekend  feels so quiet without any of you lovelies around this morning...And I had to cook my own breakfast  wahhhhh lol

Piet Tolsma Sexy......

Chana Broekhoven 
Great evening, Great party, Great band, Great friends, Great family.......i could sum it up in one word really...... GREAT!

Leena Shalloe There are some places in the world where we feel a deep sense of belonging - where the people wrap us in warmth, love and smiles. We've just spent another weekend in just such a place - and what a fantastic weekend it's been! Thanks to the Mack family, and all our Dutch friends for making us so welcome, and to the whole BreakforCover family for making life happy. xxx

Richard Standen  This hangover is going nowhere! Worth it though…

Ray Mack Thank you so much Paula for this replay, god it hit me where it hurts, tears are flowing. Can you imagine what a person feels like when they loose a loved one, well i now feel like i've lost a complete family, all 30 odd of you, even though i know it's only for 7 months, !!!! xxxx

Our favourite Essex village! 

Really enjoyable gig last night at Ingatestone Community Centre. Big thanks to all that came along to support us including our old Stef who even joined us for some backing vocal duties as Ian and I have still not yet learnt them all yet :O) A special mention for Steve Theheaters Henderson who did a superb job for us on the drums. Great job Steve and lovely to meet your family. Lets do it again soon. We will be back next year - dates to be confirmed


Great gig Saturday night at The White Hart in Grays. Cheers for all that came down to support for our 1st gig at this venue. we really enjoyed it and hope this was the 1st of many at this pub. Thanks to Dutch Al for doing a sterling job on Drums, Thanks to Matt Turner for sitting on drums for a couple of numbers (well played Matt) and a real big thanks to Trevor Rayment for stepping in at short notice and doing a superb job on the mic covering for our Chris who is poorly with man flu. 

Must also say a big thanks to all the staff of the White Hart and the regular drinkers who all made us feel really welcome. Cheers :O)


Thanks for a great night in Maldon to everyone that came. Thanks to Dutch Alan for helping out doing what he does best and thanks also to Gabriel Byrne for coming down and taking these great shots (and more) of the band in action!

Dakota - The encore - 28/05/11

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